The second e-Thematic Steering Committee meeting took place in Berlin 1 April 2004. Steering Committee members from nine European countries discussed priorities for policy and research initiatives in the field of e-fulfilment and e-logistics.

25 members participated the meeting. Presentations and photos from the meeting are available here.


Hotel Dorint Schweizerhof - Berlin, 1 April 2004
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Presentation of clustering work and “State-of-the-Art” report 
         Mr Karel Vanroye, Buck Consultants International
14.00 Discussion
14.45 Coffee break
15.00 Presentation of RTD project
         BESTUFS - Marcel Huschebeck, Germany
15.45 Presentation of national activities
         Austria, Gerhard Schilk
         Belgium, Alex van Breedam
         Denmark, Kjeld Jensen
         Finland, Miika Mäkitalo
         Hungary, Zoltan Szegedi 
         Portugal, Joao Dias Da Silva
         Slovenia, Dean Herenda
         The Netherlands, Hans Elshout
16.30 Discussion 
17.00 Conclusions
19.30 Dinner  

List of Participants 
Mr Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO, International Cooperation Manager, Belgium
Mr Colin Beumont, British International Freight Association, Director, UK
Mr Frederik Delepeleire, BCI, Project Manager, Belgium
Mr Joao Dias Da Silva, Barbosa & Almeida, Distribution Manager, Portugal
Mr Hans Elshout, S & H Productfulfilment, CEO, Netherlands
Mr Martin Gouda, BCI, Project Manager, Belgium
Mrs Malgorzata Gunerka, MERLIN.COM.PL,  Director of Logistics, Poland
Mr Dean Herenda, Ministry of Transport Slovenia, Manager, Slovenia
Mr Mark Holford, ShipServ Ltd, VP of Corporate Development, United Kingdom
Mr Marcel Huschebeck, PTV, Project Manager, Germany
Mr Kjeld Jensen,  Digital North Denmark, Project coordinator, Denmark
Mr Judith King, Allagraf Limited, Director, United Kingdom
Mr Marcin Kraska, ILIM,  Senior Specialist, Poland
Mrs Denise Kwantes, ECG, Project Manager, Belgium
Mr Miika Mäkitalo,  Ministry of Transport and Com., Senior Officer, Finland
Mr Ake Nilson, Allagraf Limited, Director, United Kingdom
Mrs Marion Robery, Thomas Miller & Co. Ltd, Senior Manager, UK
Mr Gerhard Schilk, Via Donau, Project Manager, Austria
Mr Alex Van Breedam, Flanders House of Logistics, Project Manager, Belgium
Mrs F van den Broek, Holland Int. Distr. Council, Proj. Manager, The Netherlands
Mr Karel Vanroye, BCI, Director, Belgium
Mrs Corinna Weddige, ECG, Project Manager, Belgium
Mr Jan Wondergem, Business Proc. Train. Centre, Director, The Netherlands
Mrs Linda Zhu, ERTICO, Project assistant, Belgium
Mr Zoltan Szegedi, Budapest College of Management, Head of Dep., Hungary


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