Business Process Training Center Europe (BTC) provides workshops and coaching sessions for companies, enterprises, universities and other organisations. The Supply-Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) – owned by the Supply Chain Council – forms the basis for most of the learning activities. Companies who learn to implement the SCOR model are able use their supply chain in a more efficient way and are able to reduce their supply chain costs.

As there is a lack of support capabilities and experience in practice for implementing the SCOR model in Europe and because there is a growing demand from the market in using the SCOR model Business Process Training Center Europe is one of only a few organisations who is able to fill the gab.

BTC Europe is training and coaching companies and organisations from the beginning down to the implementation of the SCOR model to extended levels. The training- and coaching sessions are in the English or German language.

The activities of BTC contains much more than only explaining, teaching and train how the model can be used. Special programs for training sessions, based on a company-case can be developed. Coaching during implementation of the SCOR model – by Business Process Training Center Europe and the help of a well-known consultant company – based on what participants have learned during case training sessions is another possibility.

Business Process Training Center Europe has different training programs for a maximum of 20 people. Standard is a two days workshop, where attendees have to solve at least 5 customised supply-chain problems, including the use of the SCOR model.

To make it the attendees easier in studying their tasks, extention with a late afternoon warming up meeting is possible. Every other request according to program-content and/or length in days can be discussed.

BTC provides also a one day program for a quick learning session.

BTC trains companies or organisations in any industry. Also delegates of this companies’ suppliers or customers are welcome, for collaborative purpose.

BTC develops training sessions in order to support Pilots, where more companies are involved who work with the SCOR model.

The people from BTC Europe have many years experience in working in the supply chain area and are an active member of the Supply Chain Council, as member of the SCORboard in the US. Director Model Development & Education is Herbert Heinzel. Herbert has many years experience at a large German enterprise in Munich, implementing/using the SCOR model and train others inhouse in order to use the SCOR model in the correct way. He was also Chair of the Supply-Chain Council Europe Chapter from November 1998 till March 2002. Herbert is still the past Chair of the Europan Leadership Team of the Supply-Chain Council and member of two technical committees in the US, for further development of the SCOR model.

Contact details:

Business Process Training Center Europe (BTC)
Att.: Jan Wondergem
Phone +31 35 60 900 15/+31 653 33 88 45
Or Herbert Heinzel    +49 821 486 1268/+49 171 334 2367
E-mail to: jwo@scortraining.com or hh@scortraining.com
WWW: www.scortraining.com


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