Buck Consultants International

Buck Consultants International (established in 1985) is an internationally operating independent consultancy firm, offering cost-effective and tailor-made consulting services to corporations as well as to public authorities focussed on the following 6 areas:

  1. Corporate real estate strategy and site selection
  2. Supply chain analysis and logistics advice
  3. Investment programs and strategies to attract foreign enterprises
  4. Transport, logistics and infrastructure projects
  5. Economic development analysis and programs
  6. Strategies for real estate development

The firm, with a track record of more than 1,000 clients, has its worldwide headquarters in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and operates 8 international branch offices. Buck Consultants International has a Europe-wide coverage in terms of project execution, including Central and Eastern European countries. The company has a workforce of nearly 70 full-time professionals.

We are convinced that niche, tailor-made consultancy has a bright future. A focused strategy is very much appreciated in the market place and distinguishes Buck Consultants International from its competitors. So, we prefer top-class in selected practice areas rather than trying to widen our scope too much. Continuous quality improvement (ISO-certification since October 2001) and close interaction with our clients, that's our paradigm.

Mission Statement

The mission of Buck Consultants International is to serve its clients with independent, tailor-made, impartial and cost-effective advice regarding European business strategies, corporate real estate strategies, location and logistics strategies, as well as regional economic and infrastructure & logistics development strategies by combining the client's knowledge and his strategic starting points with our know-how and experience.

Buck Consultants International (BCI) expects that e-Thematic’s results will generate additional knowledge allowing to extend its supply chain and transport/logistics services to the industry. Concretely, BCI will be able to extend its kowledge and services in the area of e-fulfilment. The database which will be developed by the project to get acceess to state of the art information on applications in the sectors of logistics and transport. Moreover, the project will also be important for networking and will help positioning BCI better in the market.

Contact details:

Buck Consultants International
Att.: Karel Vanroye
Excelsiorlaan 35
1930 Zaventem
Phone: +32 (0)27097750
Fax: +32 (0)27097751
E-mail: karel.vanroye@bciglobal.com
WWW: www.bciglobal.com

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