State-Of-the-Art Report on e-Fulfilment

In our previous report, the first Clustering report, we started out by looking at how the Internet and the advent of electronic commerce have redefined traditional logistics. We finalised the definition of e-Fulfilment and examined briefly the complexities and opportunities it entails. Information was presented on national and European research programmes and good practice examples from the industry were identified.


In this State-of-the-Art report, we build further on the work of the Clustering report. The aim is to provide a State-of-the-Art of the e-Fulfilment market, in the year 2003. In Chapter 1, we explain in more detail the importance of e-Fulfilment for today’s e-Commerce ventures. Chapter 2 provides a general overview of the B2B & B2C markets. In Chapter 3, we analyse the relevant market players by looking at the services they offer and issues they face. Chapter 4 gives an overview of software and standards relevant to e-Fulfilment and Chapter 5 deals with emerging technologies. Finally, in Chapter 6, we identify the main bottlenecks regarding e-Fulfilment and formulate proposals for future RTD.

The full report can be downloaded here:
 State-Of-the-Art Report on e-Fulfilment.pdf (757 KB)

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