e-Thematic's dynamic project database

The e-Thematic website’s new database enables you to add projects, events and applications by following a simple online guide. The site also allows stakeholders in e-logistics area the possibility to search for activities in order to find information on finalised and ongoing activities and get links to organisations or experts.


The project database already provides information on a number of EU-funded projects relating to e-logistics. As a platform for this data, it offers a comprehensive overview of the e-fulfilment market, including details about on national RTD initiatives in all EU Member States and Accession countries. The database includes a short description about every project, a link to its website and contact person. Details about the following projects are already available: ALSO DANUBE, BESTUFS, BPR LOGISTICS, CITRO, D2D, EDRUL, EUTRALOG, EXPIDE, GIFTS, IBOS, LOGICAT, ParcelCall, ProdChain and TRILOG.

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