Cluster Report now available

The Cluster report is devided intp three chapters as descriped below:

1. Defining E-Fulfilment

First a description of how the Internet and the advent of electronic commerce have redefined traditional logistics and next, we will come to a definition of E-Fulfilment and examine the complexities and opportunities it entails.

2. European RTD

The E-Thematic project aims to identify gaps in current research regarding E-Fulfilment and formulate policy recommendations and main directions for future research. To this end, E-Thematic has collected and analysed information on national and European policy initiatives and research programmes.

3. Good practices and market development

Good practices examples have been divided into two categories. Firstly, the early adopters of E-Fulfilment applications will be discussed, including information on dotcoms/brick&mortar/hybrid companies from various industries. Secondly, we have identified a number of software vendors that have emerged to provide applications and integration tools for e-fulfillment.

The full version of the Cluster report can be downloaded her:
ClustRep1FINAL.doc (1570 KB)

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