Thematic Network to support European intermodal freight transport research

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 Created by:Rasmus D. Lindholm
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 Title:Thematic Network to support European intermodal freight transport research
 Duration in months:48
 Project website:http://www.eutp.org
Executive summary
 EUTP was launched in April 2000. The work is coordinated by EURA A/S - Regional Development Company Ringkøbing County Ltd. and represented in Brussels by EURA EU Office.

Furthermore, the EUTP consortium consists of three European organisations involved in intermodal transport, UIRR, EFIP and FEPORT, the Finnish research centre VTT, the large Finnish EDI consultant TietoEnator, the Danish Internet software developer company WebHouse, the French consultancy specialised in intermodal freight transport CombiConcept, the German research organisation ISL, the German transport consultancy PTV and the Italian freight village Interporto Bologna.

The main objective of EUTP is to create a permanent and dynamic network, to enhance exchange of data and information, and to create synergy in the European research effort related to intermodal freight transfer points.

The main tasks of EUTP are the following:

Technical support to a Steering Committee composed of delegates from the Member States, Associated States, relevant European organisations and industry representatives
Collection and analysis of existing material including the preparation of an inventory of the state of the art, building on findings both from national and international level
A comprehensive dissemination of results including information brochures, CD-ROM, seminars and through the EUTP website
An obvious result of the project is an improved knowledge of ongoing national and international intermodal transport RTD projects dealing with terminal optimisation. Thus, the aggregation of various project results will create a maximum synergy. Improved knowledge of ongoing research across the European Union will contribute to a cross-fertilisation of best practices among Member States and enable policy makers, industry and researchers to focus research and demonstration support, and to avoid overlap in the results of national and international RTD.

The project will be completed by the end of March 2004.
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