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 Created by:Rasmus Lindholm
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 Duration in months:24
 Project website:http://emar.mettle.org
 Project e-mail:j.durand@mettle.org
Executive summary
 E-MAR is a Thematic Network for supporting new methods of Management Systems for Suppliers and consumers, E-Work and E-Commerce in the Maritime world. The main objective of E-MAR is to help mainly maritime SMEs, to make better use of new technologies in e-work and e-business to increase their competitiveness and productivity.

Among the main results expected from E-MAR are:

- To disseminate state-of-the-art and best practices in e-work and e-business, based on EU RTD success stories;
- To collect the end-users requirements, allowing SMEs to identify needs in e-work and e-commerce for enhancing the competitiveness of the European Maritime Industry and stimulating their awareness and preparedness for changing their business processes for the deployment of innovative IST;
- To identify current gaps or shortcomings in e-work and e-business applications for European Maritime Industry, notably SMEs, and to provide recommendations for future R&D projects on maritime e-work and e-business for updating the Maritime Industry R&D Master Plan;
- To assess the likely viability for full-scale implementation and operation of e-work and e-business by comparing maritime applications in terms of cost, time, quality, safety, tractability, and manufacturability by debating with SMEs during local workshops; and
- To generate a higher level of awareness at all levels (including the Maritime Industries Forum, the Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe and the Maritime City Networks) and to stimulate maritime players towards e-work and e-business by promoting the understanding of innovation in e-work and e-business maritime applications.

The project is funded by the EC under the IST programme (FP5, key action 2 - New methods of Work and Electronic Commerce).
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:Maritime Engineering and Technology for Transport Logistics and Education
 Address:Le CARAT, 200 Route du Vallon
 City:Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis
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 Phone:+33 493000339
 Fax :Fax +39 02700405206
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