Supply chain visibility by dynamic consolidation of Rolling Stock information

Personal information
 Created by:Rasmus Lindholm
Project details
 Title:Supply chain visibility by dynamic consolidation of Rolling Stock information
 Duration in months:18
 Project website:http://www.eu-rollingstock.org/
 Project e-mail:Mader@logcontrol.de
Executive summary
 The aim of the project is a web-based information platform (Rolling Stock Monitor), which supports the inter-company co-operation alongside the transport logistics chain. An existing web-based platform for stock control alongside a supply chain is used and will be customised and adapted to freight transport requirements. The platform will collect information from freight sending as well as receiving companies, from transport logistics service providers and from dedicated communication devices on vehicles. The Rolling Stock Monitor will enable in particular the receiving company to control the incoming flows across different logistics service providers. The monitor integrates proprietary tracking and tracing information, down to a dedicated solution where an innovative high performance Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with scanning capabilities and an adaptable human machine interface. The monitor allows the optimal management of unloading processes, the follow up of goods in transit down to the level of articles as if they were being moved within the companies own storage facilities and the anticipation of their use in production.
 Companyname:Software Power for Logistics
 Address:Blücherstr. 32
Project co-ordinator
 Firstname:Mr. Ewald
 Phone:+49 723 1580 4899
 Fax :+49 723 1580 4820
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