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 Duration in months:23
 Project website:http://cimru.nuigalway.ie/smartisan/welcome.asp
 Project e-mail:Michal.Zaremba@NUIGalway.ie
Executive summary
 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) need an affordable, integrated set of WEB tools to take advantage of the new ways of doing business in the E-commerce environment. SMARTISAN will develop a generic eXtended Markup Language (XML) based service to facilitate easy access and search to a range of systems, and support synchronised delivery of products against deadlines in the wholesale and retail sectors. This service will be piloted in several varied test situations, which will include food materials, decorating supplies, and furniture. SMARTISAN will support the participation of both consumers and suppliers in the generation of a new market mediation system aiming at enhanced consumer supplier relationships. Furthermore SMARTISAN will provide a Framework for Electronic Commerce implementation and a Road Map to guide SMEs to understand and select the methodologies, tools and architectures. The project partners have a broad base of experience from E-commerce projects currently under way.

The project will begin with a review of current work undertaken under the fourth Framework, including LOGSME and EXPERTS and other relevant development work. A survey will also investigate the current business transaction management systems in use or available in the market. The results of this research will be used to establish a framework of current and future business practices, which will form the basis of a generic business model for SMEs’ secure trading on the Internet using dynamic web catalogues. A review of available XML technologies will also be undertaken, using the results of the EXPERTS project. A suitable XML platform will then be established from which to implement the generic business process model. The test scenarios for each of the end users will be established. During this phase of the project, standardisation work will be undertaken to define appropriate XML message formats for use in web trading. The project will culminate in the deployment of pilot systems in live commercial context, which will be validated by the user partners in a real-time trading environment. As suitable new standards emerge during the lifetime of the project, these will be incorporated. During its lifespan, SMARTISAN will be promoted at a range of conferences and expositions throughout Europe. Further dissemination in the academic community will be undertaken to ensure the widest possible awareness. For the purposes of commercial exploitation, the project will be promoted at SME trade shows and in co-operation with relevant trade associations. The links of the Consortium to USA E-Commerce centres of competence will be used to reinforce a co-operation which will enhance SMARTISAN with American best practice. A new company will be established to fully exploit SMARTISAN services and products
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 Companyname:CIMRU, NUI Galway
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