Safer intermodal transport across the globe

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 Created by:Rasmus Lindholm
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 Title:Safer intermodal transport across the globe
 Duration in months:24
 Project website:http://www.simtag.org
Executive summary
 SIMTAG is a programme of activities that will culminate in the development and commercialisation of technologies, processes and services to improve safety & security in Global Intermodal Cargo.

The transport sector is a key element in the development of a single market for Europe, and a major contributor in assisting the European Union to improve its competitive position in global markets. The SIMTAG project is bringing innovation and technology to intermodal cargo transport in general and the transportation of dangerous and vulnerable cargo in particular.

Part funded by the European Union, the consortium of blue-chip companies is investing in the future of intermodal transportation, bringing enhanced safety and security for the protection of people property and the environment.

The SIMTAG project addresses the freight element of transport and, in particular, the transportation of dangerous goods and those that may be vulnerable to interference from terrorism, although the systems and procedures developed will be applicable to all types of cargo.

SIMTAG will address the end-to-end supply chain for both single-mode and multi-modal transport, including the security of at-source packing and loading procedures. It will endeavour to enhance the practicalities, safety and security of seamless transportation irrespective of mode, with a special emphasis on eliminating delay in the supply chain and the provision of enabling procedures to encourage modal shift from road to rail, sea and inland waterway. By providing both information and tracking facilities, SIMTAG will help to reduce delays in ports and terminals and make a significant contribution to a reduction in bottlenecks.
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:Thomas Miller
 Address:26 Creechurch Lane
 Postalcode:EC3A 5BA
 Country:United Kingdom
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 Phone:00 44 20 7204 2023
 Fax :00 44 20 7204 2593
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