Integrating Transport and e-Commerce in Logistics Supply Chains

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 Created by:Linda Zhu
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 Title:Integrating Transport and e-Commerce in Logistics Supply Chains
 Duration in months:36
 Project website:http://www.itels.org.uk/
 Project e-mail:ScottD1@cf.ac.uk
Executive summary
 The proposed research is novel as for the first time freight transport and e-commerce are explicitly examined as integral elements of the total supply chain. Also, the research brings together a unique combination of skills in terms of the investigators. It will build on previous UK research such as the work at Heriot-Watt mentioned above and at Dundee which applied Japanese manufacturing techniques to road haulage operations; and on the EU 4th Framework research relating to freight transport such as the REDEFINE, STEMM, SOFTICE, TERMINET projects, and the OECD funded TRILOG project.
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