Extended Products in Dynamic Enterprises

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 Created by:Rasmus Lindholm
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 Title:Extended Products in Dynamic Enterprises
 Duration in months:30
 Project website:http://www.biba.uni-bremen.de/
 Project e-mail:hi@biba.uni-bremen.de
Executive summary
 The main project goal can be summarised as follows: Establish a Forum for research projects that are concerned with the development of RTD solutions for Extended Products.

EXPIDE will bring ongoing research projects closer to each other in order to identify collaboration opportunities, mainly in promoting, disseminating and exploiting the respective project results to industry and advice to the EC.

Combining the knowledge gained by many different European funded research projects to create a coherent view on Extended Products in Dynamic Enterprises is the core issue of the EXPIDE cluster project. The development of digital business concepts and systems realised in both business to business and business to consumer research projects must be synthesised otherwise it will never be possible to bring results together - or to contribute to the development of standards. Extended products make it necessary to think very clearly about the product lifecycle to assure that elements such as service, maintenance or reverse logistics concepts are clearly considered in the early phases of the product life-cycle.

The place of those technologies enabling e-business solutions within industry will increase rapidly in the future. The so-called \"extended product\" is a term that describes this new view. \"Extended product\" is a new term and includes tangible and intangible products as defined below:
- Tangible extended products can be intelligent, highly customised, user-friendly and include embedded service
- Intangible extended products consist of, for example, services, software (tools), and are normally information and intensive knowledge.

In the future it will be necessary for the research community to synthesise the results of RTD projects dealing with extended products. These include: Information flow and material flow, B2B, B2C e-commerce, digital business causing changes in business processes, extended business models, virtual and extended enterprises, and life cycle support. The EXPIDE project provides the framework where this efficient co-operation can take place.
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:Universitaet Bremen
 Address:Bibliothekstrasse 1
 Address 2:Postfach 330440
Project co-ordinator
 Firstname:Bernd E.
 Phone:+49 421 2183384
 Fax :+49 421 2185610
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