E-Business Logistics

Personal information
 Created by:Heikki Kekalainen
Project details
 Title:E-Business Logistics
 Duration in months:48
 Project website:http://akseli.tekes.fi/Resource.phx/tuma/elo/en/index.htx
 Project e-mail:heikki.kekalainen@logistra.fi
Executive summary
 The purpose of the e-Business Logistics, ELO technology programme is to find out:

What kind of logistics services and service models are needed in the future
What kind of steering, planning and monitoring tools are needed in order to manage transportation, warehousing and other logistics including data transmission according to future needs.
Target of the programme

The objective of the programme is to develop logistics so that it will improve the competitiveness and profitableness of Finnish industry and service sectors. Business networks are growing in importance and in networks the meaning of logistics as a factor of competitiveness is increasing all the time. In future profitable growth can be based only on solutions of continuing growth. Following sub-targets can lead to competitiveness:

Develop logistics services to respond efficiently to customers present and future needs.
Develop logistics services required in the environment of business networks.
Develop transportation of materials and material flows to achieve the lowest possible total logistical cost with desired customer service level.
Reduce work and routines in material flow management in the logistics chain.
Develop transparency in demand-supply chain. It will lead to more rapid deliveries and optimisation of inventories.
Improve logistics research in Finland and make it more international.
Funding in KEUR
 Cost in KEUR (1000 EUR):25 000
 Companyname:Technology Agency of Finland (Tekes)
 Address:Kyllikinportti 2
Project co-ordinator
 Fax :+358-9-22430999

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