Dev. and Improving C2S relationship in Traditional commerce using ICT

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 Created by:Jacob Bangsgaard
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 Title:Dev. and Improving C2S relationship in Traditional commerce using ICT
 Duration in months:24
 Project website:http://www.brunel.ac.uk/depts/math/research/com/
 Project e-mail:Marques_etra@vlc.servicom.es
Executive summary
 The objectives of DISTRICT are to enhance the user friendliness of information, integration across information processing, cooperation and to develop new forms of business collaboration. DISTRICT develops a new business model from a value chain integration perspective, based on the convergence of information and communication technologies. DISTRICT cooperates with related projects of other thematic programmes especially in the field of supply distribution system.

For small retailers, DISTRICT is innovative in several ways:
- The project develops an innovative combination of On-Line Mall, individual company’s E-Commerce Web Site, Banner Ads and Shopping Agents.
- The DISTRICT solution covers both a B2C and a B2B application. In both cases, the focus will be on traditional small food retailers, a sector with a relatively low technological culture.
- DISTRICT will not be limited to a strictly technical perspective; it will also include the definition of a business model, from a value-chain integration perspective.

In addition DISTRICT includes a number of innovative technological features such as:

- Advanced User Profiling - a detailed profile will be made while the user is buying on the web site.
- Integration of the business cycle, from customer front-end to order acknowledgement, inbound logistics and home delivery.
- Implementation of the concept of demand management – a concept coming from the domains of telecom and road network management- in the sector of small food retailers. These small businesses have a lot of problems with their capacity management, as all the demand tends to be concentrated in a few days of the week, when activity is much more intense. It would be helpful for them to interact with their customers and offer them the chance to get a discount if they scheduled their shopping during an off-peak day.
- Integration of information supplied in real time by third party information systems, e.g. a trip planner.
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:ETRA I+D
 Address:Tres Forques, 147
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 Fax :+34.96.350.32.34

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