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 Created by:Jacob Bangsgaard
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 Title:Demo of an integrated management and com. system for intermodal freight transport oper.
 Duration in months:36
 Project website:http://prosjekt.marintek.sintef.no
 Project e-mail:olav.espeland@2wglobal.com
Executive summary
 D2D will demonstrate the integration of transport modes in real transport operations by building and using, in real cases, integrated management and communication systems for door-to-door intermodal transport chains. The real demonstrators are transport of:

Farming equipment from Germany through Belgium to final destinations in inland Australia.

Metals from a manufacturing plant in Norway to destinations in Germany and Greece via a hub in the Netherlands by barge, truck and short sea shipping.

Cars from Wolfsburg in Germany by rail to Slovenia and further on by ship to Lebanon and other countries.

General cargo from Spain to Gran Canaria and from Portugal to the Azores and Madeira.

Import of Japanese vehicles via the port of Bremerhaven (unloading, storing, vehicle processing) and truck delivery to the final dealer within Germany.

The transport chains will be enhanced with \"smart\" technologies and equipment for further improvements through automation of processes. The aim is to show solutions based on open architecture, which can be used by any shipper/forwarder responsible for an intermodal chain or parts of it, without having to make major changes to relevant information systems already in use. The project will develop and demonstrate the integration of a freight transport monitoring system providing intermodal tracking and tracing information and ETA based on traffic information.

Furthermore, it will develop a transport chain management system to be used by the chain manager to organise, monitor, and control the intermodal transport chains under his responsibility. The two systems will make use of an existing and openly available data model, TRIM, but modified to include the results of other EC projects and enhanced to fit the needs of the demonstrators, supporting the use of messages in EDIFACT or XML-format.
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 Companyname:Wallenius Wilhelmsen
 Address:Box 33
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 Phone:+47 6758 4675

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