Concerted Actions on Logistics and Supply and Demand Chain Management

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 Created by:Rasmus Lindholm
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 Title:Concerted Actions on Logistics and Supply and Demand Chain Management
 Duration in months:36
 Project website:http://www.innovation.expertel.fr/logicat/pages/visitors.html
Executive summary
 LOGICAT is a Concerted Action on Logistics, Supply and Demand Chain Management.

LOGICAT started on the first of January 99 and will last until January 2002. It is funded by the European Commission DG VII Transport Program to fulfil the task 9.1 of the Transport RTD Program 4th Call for Proposals.

LOGICAT gathers members of the EU governments and specialists in logistics, supply and demand chain management. They will work together during three years to reach the LOGICAT objectives :
- Collect information on finished, existing and future RTD Projects in the areas of logistics, Supply Chain Management and their relation with integrated intermodal systems;
- Identify future research needs in the areas of logistics, Supply Chain Management and the relationship with Integrated intermodal systems;
- Design road maps for the implementation of the new logistics concepts;
- Raise awareness and promote \\\"Supply Chain Management\\\", to facilitate implementation within Europe;
- Promote the use of integrated intermodal systems.

LOGICAT will have an added value through the clustering exercice. The clustering will group together finalised, existing and proposed European and national (Member States) RTD projects as well as relevant U.S. RTD Projects with an European impact to enhance the effectiveness of logistics.

To reach the objective,the LOGICAT Concerted Action will involve the following organisational units:

Steering Committee
The concerted Action Sterling Committee (SC) includes 15 nominated peoples representing the Member States, 5 representatives by the EC. Five SC plenary meetings are scheduled plus a final general SC assessment workshop and conference. The first SC Meeting was held on the third of June 1999.

Mirror group
A mirror group (MG), nominated from independant industrial organisations and social representatives by the EC, will support the concerted actions.The MG will be composed by a maximum of eight observers from the EU and four from non-EU. Some of the MG members may be by the LOGICAT Consortium. The MG may attent the Steering Committee\\\'s meetings and the plenary assessment meeting before the conclusions are finalised.

Technical Secretariat
The TS will be composed of the LOGICAT Concerted Action Project Manager, Technical Manager, an Executive Secretary, acting as rapporteur to the SC, and three members. The main TS task will include: organising the plenary meetings, preparing advance support papers and reports meeting agendas and minutes. The TS will also administrate the SC travel reimbursement of SC travel expenses according to the rules set by the European Commission. The main task of the TS is the overall technical co-ordination of the SC. The working approach will be a flexible adaptation to each MS representative inputs. The approach to the national RTD activities will be performed under the guidance of the MS representatives and the EC.
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