Business, Policy And Research Implications Of Logistics In The E-Economy Environ

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 Created by:J Bangsgaard
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 Title:Business, Policy And Research Implications Of Logistics In The E-Economy Environment
 Duration in months:12
 Project website:http://www.bpr-logistics.trans.aueb.gr/
 Project e-mail:abpr-logistics@aueb.gr
Executive summary
 The BPR Logistics project identifies and describes future research challenges, roadmaps and associated implementation models in the area of Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the e-economy - e-working environment through the establishment of networks and consistencies linking all stakeholders involved in or affected by the supply chain and logistical system in the new business environment.

It should be stressed that Supply Chain Management and Logistics activities constitute one of the primary areas of e-commerce applications. The project aims to disseminate to the widest possible audience including SME’s – the current state-of-the-art, best practice in Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the e-economy environment, as well as the new requirements and possible technological, regulatory and institutional solutions related to: i) the organisational process management and decision making; ii) the organisational agility and cooperation; and iii) workflow in the emerging highly dynamic and mobile networks of businesses and public administrations that supply chain and logistical systems are called to operate.

BPR Logistics strengthens the collaboration of European industry and European research, establishing links between them that will provide the opportunity for identifying a strategic research orientation. This research agenda sets priorities addressing issues related to technological development, increases economic competitiveness, sustainable socio-economic development, and efficiency of the transportation and logistical systems. The identification of voids and gaps in Supply Chain and Logistics Systems organisational structure and operation, and the identification of issues requiring further research (e.g., business models, technologies, regulations) will facilitate the implementation of the European Transport Policy for 2010 through the harmonisation and complementarities of operational procedures (i.e. between Supply Chain System and transportation system procedures) across Europe, fostering the efficient flow of goods. Additionally, BPR Logistics identifies potential technological and organisational solutions related to supply chain and logistical systems operations in the context of the new economy. This project is closely related to the scope of e-Thematic and thus cooperation activities have been established between the involved parties.
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:Athens University of Economics
Project co-ordinator
 Lastname:G. Zografos
 Phone:+3010 82 03 673 5
 Fax :+3010 82 03 684

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