BEST Urban Freight Solutions

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 Created by:J Bangsgaard
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 Title:BEST Urban Freight Solutions
 Duration in months:48
 Project website:http://www.bestufs.net/
 Project e-mail:bestufs@nea.nl
Executive summary
 BESTUFS is establishing and maintaining an open European network between urban freight transport experts, user groups/ associations, ongoing projects, interested cities, the relevant European Commission Directorates and representatives of national, regional and local transport administrations in order to identify, describe and disseminate best practices, success criteria and bottlenecks with respect to the movement of goods in urban areas.

It is the role of BESTUFS to act as a facilitator in order to ensure that excellent strategies and best practices are not lost to the remainder of the European Community, the freight community and cities themselves.
Overall, BESTUFS will identify the problems and the requirements of the cities, will set up the environment for establishing recommendations and will identify best practice scenarios.
The solutions promoted will undoubtedly be suitable for other cities within the European Community and it may be possible to offer modified tailor-made type approaches for generic solutions that have been previously applied.

BESTUFS will contribute to the integration of urban collection and delivery services into door-to-door transport and logistics chains by bringing together the knowledge about urban goods transport and intermodal transport on an integrated systems approach. The European Commission is funding the thematic network in the frame of FP 5 under the Key Action \\\"Competitive and Sustainable Growth\\\". The project was launched in 2000 and will run for 4 years.
Funding in KEUR
 Companyname:PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG
 Address:Stumpfstraße 1
Project co-ordinator
 Phone:+49 7219651177
 Fax :+49 7219651696

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