Advanced Road Transport Electronic Management Information Systems

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 Title:Advanced Road Transport Electronic Management Information Systems
 Duration in months:27
 Project website:http://www.plsproject.dk
Executive summary
 ARTEMIS’ objectives can be described in the following points:

from an understanding of user requirements, to determine the functional specifications and develop an architecture of an integrated, telematics-based, information system that will support the operation of Demand Driven Freight Transport Systems (DDFTS)
to develop working interfaces interconnecting existing applications of the different supply chain actors
to validate these interfaces through verification and demonstration in real life pilots, involving logistics services providers, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers
to assess the managerial and organisational implications of commercially sensitive information sharing between the buyers, suppliers and carriers of goods
Knowledge and Technology to be Used
The effective management of the supply chain greatly depends upon telematics. This dependence becomes even greater in intermodal transport, as this is more data-intensive than conventional transport, since co-operation and co-ordination is required among a higher number of partners in the supply chain.

Telematics is the indispensable tool to facilitate this transfer of information and to link the multiple company processes of all parties involved. The introduction of a telematics system in intermodal transport, designed to enable electronic information sharing, can serve as an effective and efficient means for providing the accurate, and timely information required for such an operation. Rapid and accurate movement of information up and down the supply chain gives greater transparency to activities of all kinds, supporting intermodality at the same time.

The present state of the use of telematics applications in intermodal traffic and operations is unsatisfactory for most participants and users. The lack of information transmission relevant to the entire integrated chain is not only apparent to operators and users, but a source of costs and service quality deficiencies. There is not yet an effective information chain suitable for serving the needs of transport users and the participants in the intermodal transport operations. Information is often treated separately, within each mode or by each operator. This consists a major commercial and operational weakness.

The current situation is marked by significant uncertainty of the organisations to implement, to use, and to invest in ATT applications due to a non clear situation on the level of interoperability, scalability and transferability of systems available in the market.

ARTEMIS results by being mode-independent, are to support the “Implementation of the Information Society in the Transport Sector”, one of the four key issues of intermodality as expressed in the Commission’s Communication on Transport Intermodality (CEC, 1997).

Methodology of the Project
The methodology to be followed by the ARTEMIS consortium, is characterised by a split of the work to be undertaken in a number of Work Packages, and also by a list of so called “Core Elements” revealing the basic philosophy of the ARTEMIS approach. The project work, has been divided in five major areas, each one related to one of the Programme’s work phases. The project work, has been devided in five major areas, each one related to one of the Programme\'s work phases, as shown in Figure 1.

ARTEMIS is concerned with the total supply chain. For this reason, it has been considered essential to include complete supply chains (i.e. co-operating manufacturers, logistics services providers, retailers, etc.) as demonstration sites. ARTEMIS will focus on the information exchange between these actors, and not within the various supply chain actors.
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