eEurope 2005

The eEurope 2005 Action Plan was launched at the Seville European Council in June 2002 and endorsed by the Council of Ministers in the eEurope Resolution of January 2003. It aims to develop modern public services and a dynamic environment for e-business through widespread availability of broadband access at competitive prices and a secure information infrastructure.

Romano Prodi: "The story of the e-Economy is complex, but it is one we need to understand. The prosperity of the EU's 377 million citizens - or about half a billion if we include Candidate Countries - depends on it."

Erkki Liikanen: "Europe is now on the right tracks to rapidely become an "eEurope". But we haven't won this game. The ultimate success will depend on each of us."

The eEurope 2005 Action Plan is available here:
eeurope2005_en.pdf (300 KB)

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