WebElecTra has been designed by SITPRO, the Simpler Trade Procedures Board, to help Traders take advantage of e-commerce developments to help with the process of International Trade. SITPRO (a UK Department of Trade and Industry body) has been working hard to take the essence of Trading Best Practice and put it into a simple system which supports On-Line completion of the standard forms necessary for International Trade.

From the last quarter of 2000, traders and freight forwarders will be able to long on to WebElecTra compliant web sites (which will be listed on the SITPRO site at www.sitpro.org.uk) and complete trading documentation electronically. SITPRO guarantees that WebElecTra branded systems will conform to the national and international documents which meet UN standards and which have been managed by SITPRO for the last 25 years. These documents included purchase orders, standard shipping notes, dangerous goods notes, export cargo shipping instructions, Customs C88s and many others, and are the correct Government sponsored version of the forms needed for International trade. SITPRO also guarantees that these forms will be kept up to date so that users will always have the certainty that they have the correct versions of the trading documents.

All WebElecTra branded web sites will also carry comprehensive help and validation e.g. assistance with completing the different parts of the forms, and validation of data entered. In addition, and advanced set of trading business rules is being built in so that the system will prompt the user for extra information or additional procedures when it detects that they are needed for particular goods, destinations etc. WebElecTra will allow traders to send electronic messages to those freight forwarders, carriers, Banks, Customs and other government departments, etc which can accept them. These trading partners will only need to use a web browser to complete the transaction. Where organisations in other countries will only accept paper documentation ElecTra also provides the solution.

As an example, a prospective purchaser might see some of a trader's good for sale on the Internet. On clicking a button, they would be presented with a purchase order, which they would complete and send back to the trader through the WebElecTra server. The trader would then complete the acknowledgment of order (automatically partially completed from the orderer's data) and send it back, and at the same time send an Export Cargo Shipping Instruction/Standard Shipping Note etc. to the appropriate recipients. All common data would be automatically filled in. Customs declarations can be automatically posted from the data as well.

One of the key points of ElecTra and WebElecTra is the continued compatibility with the standard paper documents, and so at any state the trader can print out the documents (e.g. for filing, sending with the goods) and so effectively switch back to paper trading for those countries or authorities who insist on paper. The aim is to facilitate trade, not to compel users blindly to adopt electronic trading. However, as electronic business grows, ElecTra will support both Internet and Electronic Data Interchange Requirements. ElecTra is here now, and here to stay, to support your trading requirements.

For further information please email webelectra@sitpro.org.uk.


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