Northern Nerve Centre of Logistics
Logistics involves the management of various flows of material, money and information on land, at sea, in the air and across communication networks. Logisforum connects these flows. This activity is based on the combined years of experience possessed by the partners. Comprehensive attention is given to the needs and expectations of both acting agents and customers when developing logistics.

International Momentum
The sea has been an attractive force in Oulu for centuries. Nowadays, trucks, ships, trains, aeroplanes and containers carry technology, paper, metal, foods, chemical pulp, oil and timber surely and effectively to all corners of the world. Transportation processes are steered via real-time data communications and security systems, and many of them have, in fact, been developed in and around Oulu.

Demanding Conditions Yield Competitive Edge
As logistics providers from the North, we are especially knowledgeable in matters related to harsh environmental conditions. We have developed ways, means and tools enabling the smooth and competitive year-round flow of traffic in all directions. For years our strong points have included combined transportation modes and efficient use of the latest technology.

Bearer of Responsibility Also in the Years to Come
Today's logistics is a matter of managing every aspect in the field of networks. You have to earn your competitiveness and the customers' confidence on a daily basis. You need to develop new ideas before others and you need to be able to see future possibilities as early as possible. For example, when the volumes of northern transit traffic increase between the East and the West, you need to be able to offer new routes and value-added-services. Responding to challenges is made easier by working with professional partners; and ours are certainly professional.


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