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CRM Magazine

CRM is a monthly magazine aimed at senior business and IT management. Its aim is to foster and promote an understanding of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the associated business and technological strategies.

CRM magazine aims to assist senior managers to identify how to maintain and gain profitable customers, generate loyalty and reduce business costs.

e.logistics Magazine

"The jewel in the crown of logistics publishing." That's how one of our readers summed up e.logistics Magazine; and he's not alone.

What's more, the plaudits keep on coming - which is probably why we were given a special award by our peers for "championing a bold new era in transport and logistics publishing"

But hang on - e-commerce came and went, didn't it? So what's e.logistics Magazine doing still here? We think as soon as you read a copy you'll see the point. The material we write about is enduring, and our bright, colourful designs and readable style continue to appeal.

Why? Perhaps it's because we're writing about the fun part of the supply chain. We're looking at leading-edge technologies that give people a global view of their products and location, and help them deliver what their customers want, when they want it.

Perhaps it's because we bring you more than almost any other title about front-end e-tailing, home shopping, Internet fulfilment and home delivery services. Many of the dotcoms that started this drive may have faded away now, but sales continue to grow - and so does the range of options for interacting with customers, getting the goods to them, avoiding failed deliveries and handling payment.

Perhaps it's because we offer a rounded, focused B2B and B2C package that also includes e-procurement and online freight exchanges; vehicle tracking, communications and telematics; CRM and call centre management; front-end to back-end integration; and the latest in forecasting, order-picking, warehouse management and supply chain execution.

Economist Intelligent Unit (EIU)

Welcome to the EIU ebusiness forum
This website from the Economist Intelligent Unite is designed to provide you with all the information and analysis you need to hone your business strategy for the global digital economy.

At the EIU, we believe that the opportunities and threats for business posed by the Internet are not primarily technological in nature. Rather, the Internet is transforming the basic ground rules according to which companies organise themselves and relate with their customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.

To help you keep pace with the headlong e-business revolution, our site provides you with forward-looking analysis of new business models by the field's most respected thinkers, best-practice case studies to benchmark your company's digital strategy, timely briefings on the latest innovations in e-business world-wide, and country-by-country assessments to help you seize e-business opportunities around the globe. In short, our goal is to provide senior international executives with insight into all the strategic ramifications of the digital age.

Hype is not our business. The Internet opens vast opportunities and poses momentous challenges, and we believe that companies need to adapt rapidly or risk failure. But we also sympathise with executives who worry they are being stampeded into costly decisions without sufficient knowledge. In a field swarming with false prophets, we aim to separate fact from fiction, strategic insight from empty bluster, and best practice from e-quackery.

Manufacturing e-Marketplace Magazine

Manufacturing.Net provides information and services for manufacturing professionals, including a comprehensive product supplier database (Manufacturing Yellow Pages); industry-specific news and research; economic reports; editorial content from well-know trade publications; marketplaces for books, industry standards; and much more.

Manufacturing.Net organizes information from 23 leading publications according to function-specific communities:

Manufacturing Group Magazines Subscriber Base: 2.35 Million

Magazine content aggregated on Manufacturing.Net:
Control Engineering, Design News, Industrial Distribution, Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operation, Industrial Product Bulletin, Instrumentation and Automation News, Logistics Management & Distribution Report, Manufacturing Systems, Material Handling Product News, Medical Design Technology, Metalworking Digest, Modern Materials Handling, Plant Engineering, Product Design and Development, Purchasing, Research & Development, Warehousing Management.

Traffic Technology International

Traffic Technology International, now in its ninth year of publication, is the leading magazine in the advanced traffic management field. Renowned for its peerless editorial quality and stunning design, Traffic Technology International won the prestigious Periodical Publishers Association's International Business-to-Business Magazine of the Year award in May 2000.

Traffic World Magazine

Traffic World has been the transportation community's weekly source of industry news since 1907. While it has changed dramatically in recent years, in line with changes in regulation and in the businesses it covers, Traffic World remains the only paid-subscription magazine in the transportation and logistics field. And it's the only weekly that covers the gamut of freight transportation and logistics news. Its mission, as stated in its very first lead editorial:

"To give the most impartial channel for (industry) news to be found anywhere. Our belief is that those who wish a real measure of frankness and independence cannot select a better medium for the things they wish to say."

The bottom line for transportation and logistics decision makers and those on the industry's front lines, is that if you have to wait three weeks to read the story, the news isn't fresh. Fast-breaking developments in all modes of transportation—air, rail, motor, water—are covered in concise, informative articles each week inTrafficWorld. Up-to-date news on regulatory, legislative and court actions, new technology, an STB digest of orders and actions, insightful editorials and illustrative charts and graphics are included in every issue.

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