beep - better eEurope practices

Funded by the European Commission's IST Programme, this site provides free access to a ‘good practice’ knowledge system of cases and learning resources describing the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to support a large number of social, economic, environmental and cultural goals.

Each Beep case uses a standardised report structure for ease of comparison and to facilitate research, and has been coded on the basis of detailed characteristics in order to enable sophisticated searching.

By using your preferred search tool you can identify relevant examples of ‘good practice’ to use as inspiration and guidance in your own situation, or for research purposes.

European funding support will cease in the summer of 2003, after which the Beep Knowledge System will continue to be updated, expanded and improved using its partners’ own resources, through partnerships with a number of organisations, by sponsorship, and other funding sources.

Your feedback on any aspect of the present system will thus be appreciated, and will help to improve this free service.

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