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Powering the IT Workplace 

ITtoolbox is a leading provider of information for the IT industry. Powering a global audience of over one million technology and business professionals each month, ITtoolbox enables users to evaluate vendor solutions, solve technical problems, research industry trends, stay current on specific segments of technology, and manage their careers . By tapping into the extensive front-line knowledge available at ITtoolbox, professionals are able to save time, improve decision-making results, and ultimately be more productive in their daily roles.

Changing How the IT Industry Obtains and Uses Knowledge On-the-Job

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with offices in Pennsylvania and Texas, ITtoolbox's vision came to life in 1998, with the launch of the first ever centralized knowledge distribution system for the IT industry. The journey began with five Knowledge Bases designed to change the way the global IT industry obtains and shares knowledge-based information while on-the-job.

ITtoolbox has steadily grown to provide Knowledge Bases for all IT segments, regularly increasing content offerings to serve the needs of IT professionals around the globe. Today, ITtoolbox consists of 26 targeted Knowledge Bases, 47,000 research documents, 800 discussion groups, 100 highly specialized newsletters and alerts, 330,000 searchable Q&A messages and more than 50 news articles added daily.

The ITtoolbox network enables a revolutionary, systematic approach to extract and distribute the most current, specific, and actionable information from the front lines of the IT industry to any person needing that information to make a decision, solve a problem, or stay current.

Delivering Unbiased, User-Driven Information

ITtoolbox's commitment to excellence in delivering functional, professional knowledge for immediate use on-the-job has made it the premier “go-to” resource in the IT industry. By tapping into the ITtoolbox network, business and IT professionals are able to exchange highly valuable and usable knowledge with a worldwide audience of peers. As a purely user-driven network, ITtoolbox provides the most accurate, immediate picture of what's happening in the IT industry in a professional, unbiased format.

Providing Unprecedented Advertising, Staffing, and Research Value

As the Web's most extensive knowledge resource for making IT-related decisions on-the-job, ITtoolbox provides customers with perhaps the most meaningful and concentrated audiences any IT advertiser, researcher, or hiring manager can possibly reach. Because ITtoolbox has established a trusting and professional relationship with these audiences, the network has become a powerful venue for delivering maximum message effectiveness.

Profitable since 1999, ITtoolbox has a successful track record with advertising clients that include the most prestigious technology vendors and advertising agencies in the world. Clients have achieved considerable results by reaching targeted markets of IT professionals using ITtoolbox's information network and staffing tools. Advertising clients include such IT industry leaders as IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Sun, and Oracle. Staffing clients include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Volt Services, eBay, 3Com, and more.

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