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A Winning Combination
Date Published: 1 March 2003
Jeff Siegel reviews the different options firms have when introducing an e-commerce fulfilment system. Siegel compares and contrasts a number of multichannel approaches including, business to consumer, business to business and a hybrid method. From Operations & Fulfilment.

Whole Nine Yards
Date Published: 1 January 2003
Douglas Graham profiles Fanbuzz, a US-based fulfillment company that provides a range of turnkey solutions. The author describes the range of services offered by the organisation and interviews distribution manager Michael S Kovach about how the company was established. Published in Operations and Fulfillment.

MetaPack's Technology Takes Centre Stage
Date Published: 1 November 2002
Published in e.logistics Magazine, this article looks at how MetaPack, an operational e-fulfilment company, is now focusing on systems expertise and expanding into new markets.

The Same Only More So, if You Get the Gist ...
Date Published: 1 November 2002
Peter Rowlands talks to the management team from Gist, a leading UK e-fulfilment company. Rowlands finds that despite the collapse of the dotcom bubble, Gist is capitalising on the trend for the traditional retail sector to invest in the dotcom infrastructure. Published in e.logistics Magazine.

On the Move and in Touch
Date Published: 11 September 2001
This article, written by Tischelle George, focuses on the new e-business services that are being adopted by transportation and distribution companies around the world. The article discusses the ways in which e-business services are being used to attract start-ups and SMEs, and remarks upon the focus being placed on customer service when implementing new technologies. Published in Information Week.

Shop or Warehouse? That's the Question
Date Published: 18 June 2001
Written by Penelope Ody and published on the Supply Chain Management Website from FT.com, this article looks at e-fulfilment. Ody discusses how home shopping has brought about new fulfilment problems, mainly due to home delivery. Food retailers in particular are split between picking goods in-store or building dedicated warehouses.

Five Steps to Successful e-Fulfilment
Date Published: 1 November 2000
Published by TeleMerc, this article explores e-fulfillment, examining the challenges of managing high-volume orders and delivering efficiently. The author attempts to resolve these challenges by discussing five ways to optimise results by comparing traditional and new e-fulfillment methods. Written by Henry Bruce. In PDF format.

Knowledge Partnerships for e-Fulfilment
Date Published: 3 September 2000
Dawne Shand examines how order fulfilment and logistics are regarded as sources of efficiencies as organisations outsource logistics functions and third party logistics companies manage both distribution and inventory aspects of the supply chain. Reverse logistics adds additional competitive edge to the supply chain as companies such as FedEx and UPS Logistics collect unwanted or defective goods and repair these for distribution to the next customer. Published on destinationCRM.com from the Freedom Technology Media Group.

e-Logistics Delivers
Date Published: 18 July 2000
Published by Red Herring, this article looks at e-logistics and its increasing popularity. Taking orders over the Net is simple, but the delivery of goods is more complicated, hence the growing demand for e-logistics. Written by James Christie.

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