American Customer Satisfaction Index: Annual E-Business Report

09 January 2006

The second quarter 2005 release of the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows that customers are increasingly satisfied with e-business sites. Customer satisfaction with e-business sites - search engines, portals and news and information sites -- rose 4.7% since this time last year to 75.9, narrowing the gap with the ACSI e-Commerce score of 78.6. More significantly, aggregate satisfaction with e-business sites has jumped 20.5% since the first year of measurement. This annual research report gives further details.

E-markets and local organisations side by side to ameliorate the business enviro

14 December 2005

A developing country such as Serbia can benefit from a privately managed “business portal”: An e-market can help a local organisation to render services aimed at market development and internationalisation. An interview with Mr. Darko Mamula, Senior Advisor, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry by Claudio Di Giorgio, eMarket Services.

The Comergent 2005 E-Commerce Survey: A Look at E-Commerce Practices across Indu

13 December 2005

This survey, conducted by Comergent Technologies, provides a window into the current and future e-commerce plans of 124 companies from more than 11 different industries

Service-oriented architecture for B2B commerce

13 December 2005

This article illustrates how service-oriented architectures enable flexible, dynamic, and cost effective business-to-business commerce.

eLogistics : a step towards integration

13 December 2005

As Hong Kong revs up its engines and gears up for development of its major logistics capabilities, one area that needs direction is the elogistics sector.

A new software system to enhance freight travel

13 December 2005

A German logistics company, LogControl, and a Greek SME, Elogistics, have developed a new software system that helps Greek freight travel by road more efficiently. It links lorry space with warehousing to get products to their destination much faster than before. The companies met at a seminar held in Athens, organised by two Innovation Relay Centres, to spread the results of research on freight control.

European conference traces the way ahead

13 December 2005

Organised by the European Commission and co-hosted by EEDA, the East of England Regional Development Agency, the Cambridge e-Business Conference on 5-6 December brought together over 200 policy-makers, academics and stakeholders from across the European e-business community.

Significant e-Marketplaces

30 June 2005

Globally, the number of e-marketplaces for businesses is extensive, making it difficult to identify those e-markets that are most significant. Companies interested in international trade should be aware that e-marketplaces are potential sources of new customers, and provide access to global supply chains. eMarket Services has compiled a list of 52 significant e-marketplaces in 17 industries.

Payment Systems

30 June 2005

For many small to medium sized businesses, e-commerce, that is the receipt of payment for goods and services directly through a website, presents a double-edged sword. Opportunities to drive down cost-per-transaction and increase sales and revenue reach need to be considered along with risk management and selecting a model that is suitable for the company's particular product/service offering, market, and customer behaviours. This paper takes a look at receiving payment online using credit cards.

Trust Barriers for B2B E-marketplaces

30 June 2005

In 2002 the Enterprise DG Expert Group conducted a survey of electronic marketplaces, users of electronic marketplaces, and trust operators for e-business trust platforms. The focus of the survey was online trust, and more specifically issues and barriers that engender and prevent trust online. This report considers the findings and attempts to better understand what the implications of the research are. Today, online trust is still very much a focus of eMarket Services and DG Enterprise, with several papers on the subject available on the emarketservices.com site.

Keeping track of food as packing crates get smart

30 June 2005

Rising concern over food quality is pushing the industry to create ever more advanced systems to ensure food safety. A smart packing crate that uses Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tags for easy tracking and tracing of meat is a case in point.

Supporting the growth of e-commerce in Estonia

08 June 2005

Meelsi Antonen, Minsiter fo Economic Affairs and Communications in Estonia gives us an insight into the initatives that his government has taken in order to reap the potential of eCommerce.

Outsourcing your fulfilment: what you need to know

06 June 2005

Suzi Nimz, the CEO of Turnaround, a New Hampshire-based fulfillment house, likes to ask prospective customers what they do after one o'clock each day. The reason, says Nimz, is that if they are properly focused on growing their business, "they'll find that after one o'clock they can't get anything done because they have a shipping deadline. So the business owner who thinks it's economical not to pay for a warehouse, and not to pay for pick, pack, and ship services, is the one that generally doesn't have the right focus." ...

Belgium and eCommerce

06 June 2005

Belgian organisations are acutely aware of the strategic importance of eComemrce, but appear to falter at translating this knowledge into action. Despite being aware of new technologies, executives are not yet convinced of their benefits. However, Belgian executives' enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and their willingness to experiment are signs that things could change.

Supply-Chain Council

18 December 2003

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, USA (28 November 2003)— The second annual European Awards for Excellence in Supply Chain Operations and Management were awarded during the Supply-Chain World-Europe Conference on 11 November at the Hilton Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany. The SCOR Development Excellence Award was presented to IBS for their Virtual Enterprise software solution that incorporates the Supply-Chain Council’s (SCC) Supply-Chain Operations Reference-model (SCOR).

US: Net shoppers rock retail sector

16 December 2003

More than 80m Americans are now shopping online, with more bypassing the mall to buy electronically every day. As a result, the US retail sector is starting to show the effects of what amounts to the biggest change in shopping habits since Sears Roebuck published its first mail-order catalogue.

E-Commerce Directive helping economy, says Commission

16 December 2003

Europe's economy is benefiting from the E-commerce Directive, according to a European Commission report published on Friday, which described the harmonising measure adopted in 2000 as "having a substantial and positive effect." Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein said: "The EU's Directive is helping e-commerce to take off in the Internal Market by ensuring that Europe's e-commerce entrepreneurs can take full advantage of a domestic market of more than 370 million consumers ...We now need to make sure that the Directive continues to work well over the next few years, in an enlarged European Union."

Software for viable supply chain management for SMEs

13 November 2003

Article from IST News on software for viable supply chain management for SMEs. While SMEs represent a potentially large market for Supply Chain Management (SCM) software, more than two-thirds of Europe's SMEs recently polled were unaware of suitable SCM products for their company. But IST project PRODCHAIN is developing a toolbox aimed to support SMEs trying to reorganise their customer supplier business processes so they can participate in global production networks.

IDC: European E-Fulfilment Market to Reach US $3.7 Billion by 2003

16 October 2003

The e-fulfilment market in Europe will reach US $3.7 billion by 2003, according to an iForce-sponsored IDC white paper, published Monday. By John Lewell (October 16, 2000)

IDC: E-boom fuels demand for fulfilment providers

16 October 2003

According to a new report from IDC, online sales are supposed to increase by a factor of ten over the next three years, reports Traffic World, a publication of the Journal of Commerce. (3 November 2000)

Why finance managers need to monitor e-commerce fulfilment

16 October 2003

The idea of selling groceries over the Internet has always been a bit of a puzzler, reports eCFO, a publication of The Economist Group. By Lauren Gibbons Paul 15 December 2000

Fulfillment: Rage Against the Machine

16 October 2003

Many CFOs barely look at e-fulfillment; most delegate the task entirely to executives in customer service or logistics. The result is not just angry customers, but a slower cash conversion cycle that eats away at working capital and profit margins. Lauren Gibbons Paul, eCFO December 15, 2000

Traffic World: Acquisitions penetrate logistics technology sector

16 October 2003

For some logistics technology companies, good tidings may have come too late, says Traffic World

What's the big deal with e-fulfilment?, published in CRM magazine

16 October 2003

What's the big deal with e-fulfilment? Should companies worry about this at all? Louis Fernandes explains why this paperless concept is important.

Does your Supply Chain Reflect Market Realities? by eyefortransport

16 October 2003

Global business opportunities are heading to the developing world, particularly China, opening a new frontier for multinational companies. Too often, companies try to impose Western models of commerce on developing countries, in turn becoming nothing more than corporate imperialists.

Purchasing - Research sevice

08 October 2003

Here you will find a list of articles on e-Fulfilment published by Purchasing - Research sevice.

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