The European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum

F&L, an organization which groups together mainly commercial companies or entities which use, manage or organize multimodal freight transport, is run on a non-profit-making basis.

In promoting a closer integration of various methods of transport (rail, road, air, sea and canal) and setting up various logistic services, F & L's objective is to contribute to the development on a European scale of a competitive multimodal transport system, in conformity with the rules of competition. In so doing its aim shall be to use the most efficient resources available and to make constant efforts to safeguard the environment. 

For this purpose the association shall seek all methods of improving the quality level of freight transport, while encouraging its adaptation to the development in demand and to the technological progress on the European market as a whole.

In particular, it shall help set up new cross-frontier communication systems. 

Within the framework of its task, the association consists of:

A) a study group which executes, co-ordinates and assigns research work and studies in the field of technical science, investments, exploitation, the economy and marketing with regards to multimodal transport and logistics. 

B) a consultative committee within which the members:

     • swap their experiences 

     • prepare proposals which meet the requirements of operators and users in the  various

       market sectors, especially within the framework of co-ordinated or related activities

     • discuss policy problems of a general interest for multimodal transport in Europe 

C) a body which represents the association before international institutions and proceedings to promote the global interests of the European freight transport system and network on the whole, beyond the particular interests of any one country, category of operator or user or method of transport.

D) a body which undertakes to establish and distribute all the statistics and documents concerning multimodal freight transport in Europe.


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