European Intermodal Association

Our Mission: your Intermodal solution
The E.I.A.'s mission is to develop, improve and promote sustainable intermodal mobility in Europe, by combining innovative rail, waterway, road, air and maritime transport solutions. EIA is the only neutral European Intermodal body recognised by the European Commission.

Key objectives EIA:

  • Providing the moving force for its members developing innovative intermodal concepts & technologies, a better definition of the intermodal product and increased levels of quality of service;
  • Improving the productivity and profits of its members through innovative, swift, safe and economic movement of goods with the need to preserve the quality of life, environment and competitiveness.

With success, these objectives have been achieved through:

  • Lobbying towards EC, EP, EU Member States & the outlying regions;
  • Being involved in research, studies and demonstrators to deliver concrete competitive tools to improve regional development, infrastructure, operations, investments, technologies, training and marketing;
  • Promoting traffic towards new markets from geographical, organizational & technical point of view
    Initiating and participating Round Tables, conferences, expo's, workshops etc. to address both general transport/logistical/infrastructure issues and to define the intermodal industries position on specific regulatory points of interest;
  • Gathering and broadcasting the concrete results/solutions of above mentioned activities.

The EIA acts as a Forum for its members to discuss common policy problems concerning intermodal transport and to prepare measures to secure its development.

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