ERTICO is a Europe-wide, not-for-profit, public/private partnership for the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS). Set up in 1991 at the initiative of the European Commission as well as key members of European ITS industry and national governments, ERTICO is open to any European organisation or international organisation operating substantially in


ERTICO's mission is to promote and support the implementation of ITS in Europe, ensuring sustainable mobility, travel satisfaction and high economic returns. By joining ERTICO, organisations can work more effectively together and achieve vital synergies across sectors and across national boundaries to create a dynamic and successful European ITS market.


ERTICO is a co-operative company under Belgian law (Société Co-opérative à Responsabilité Limitée) with equal shareholding Partners. Its activities are financed by annual fees from its Partners and by project funding from others, including the European Commission. ERTICO works closely with the EU to promote and actively support the introduction of ITS. Close contacts with European institutions allow us to monitor and influence political and strategic developments at the European and the global levels.

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