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Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is designed to provide you with all the information and analysis you need to hone your business strategy for the global digital economy.

At the EIU, we believe that the opportunities and threats for business posed by the Internet are not primarily technological in nature. Rather, the Internet is transforming the basic ground rules according to which companies organise themselves and relate with their customers, partners, suppliers and competitors.

To help you keep pace with the headlong e-business revolution, our site provides you with forward-looking analysis of new business models by the field's most respected thinkers, best-practice case studies to benchmark your company's digital strategy, timely briefings on the latest innovations in e-business world-wide, and country-by-country assessments to help you seize e-business opportunities around the globe. In short, our goal is to provide senior international executives with insight into all the strategic ramifications of the digital age.

Hype is not our business. The Internet opens vast opportunities and poses momentous challenges, and we believe that companies need to adapt rapidly or risk failure. But we also sympathise with executives who worry they are being stampeded into costly decisions without sufficient knowledge. In a field swarming with false prophets, we aim to separate fact from fiction, strategic insight from empty bluster, and best practice from e-quackery.

Our site is divided into five areas:
Thought leadership features the insights of the top experts in the field of ebusiness, in interviews and analytical essays that often challenge the conventional wisdom, offering you the latest thinking by insiders on the implications of the Internet for business strategy;

Research provides a wealth of analytical material, produced both by the EIU and Pyramid Research, and top e-business consultancies, which assesses the impact of e-business on specific industries, countries and corporate functions. It also ranks the leading Internet resources devoted to e-business and related fields;

Best practice contains dozens of case studies showing how leading companies across a wide range of industries are putting the Internet to use to achieve a global reach, bolster revenues, cut costs and improve customer service;

Doing ebusiness in ... assesses the prospects for e-business growth in 60 countries. Drawing on the EIU's unrivalled expertise in country-based data and economic analysis, it keeps you up-to-date on all the national issues--government policy, tax questions, regulatory problems, infrastructure constraints--you need to follow to do e-business around the globe;

Latest developments provides a daily briefing on noteworthy developments in e-business world-wide--including new market opportunities, changing business conditions, regulatory challenges, operational innovations and technology breakthroughs--and explains their significance to the international business community.

In order to bring you this wealth of information and analysis free of charge, the EIU is working in association with five corporate partners: AT&T, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Dimension Data, HP and Oracle. The EIU maintains complete independence in its selection of content and editorial policy.

We hope you find the EIU ebusiness forum a lively, informative and commercially useful website. As is appropriate to the Internet age, we welcome your input and hope that you will help shape the site, whether by contributing content, proposing new story ideas or taking issue with other e-strategists and leading thinkers. As we build an interactive community around the ebusiness forum, we plan to add new content areas and services dictated by your needs and interests. We look forward to e-networking, and invite your feedback. We encourage you to contact the editor, Louisa Vinton, at louisavinton@eiu.com.

What is the Economist Intelligence Unit?
The EIU is an information provider for companies establishing and managing operations across national borders anywhere in the world. Established more than 50 years ago in
London, we now have a worldwide network of offices, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Vienna, Singapore and Tokyo. The EIU is now a leading electronic publisher, delivering business analysis online via eiu.com

What does the Economist Intelligence Unit do?
The EIU produces objective and timely analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment in more than 180 countries. We also produce reports on certain strategic industries and on the latest management thinking. Our editorial staff takes great pride in the EIU's editorial quality and independence and guard them carefully.

What kinds of organisations use the Economist Intelligence Unit?
Multinational companies, exporters and importers, direct and portfolio investors, financial institutions, governments, business schools and any group that needs to know about political, economic and business developments across the world. Most of the Fortune 500 companies are among our clients.

Within these organisations, who uses the Economist Intelligence Unit?
Our services are aimed at senior executives, their support staff and managers responsible for international operations. While we serve them directly, we also inform their advisers: corporate librarians, researchers, bankers, analysts, consultants, academics, lawyers and accountants.

How does the Economist Intelligence Unit operate?
Our intelligence is based on regular contributions from a global network of more than 500 information-gatherers. Their analysis is rigorously checked for accuracy, consistency and impartiality by our own regional experts. It is edited into a common format, providing an honest appraisal of each country's political and economic prospects, and an accurate assessment of industrial and business trends.

How is the information delivered?
We deliver information primarily via the Internet (
and a range of other web services). Our intelligence is also available in a range of other formats: printed reports, newsletters, CD-ROMs, and customised briefings. We complement our analysis with top-level forums, government roundtables and conferences on key areas of business, politics and economics.

What is different about the Economist Intelligence Unit?
Unlike the news media, the EIU does not let latest events determine its focus. Instead we provide a balanced and well-researched supply of intelligence and foresight on the operating environment of each country, on a range of key industries and developments in management thinking. At the same time we respond to changes around the world within the business day with analysis of the impact they may have on our forecasts.

Are the Economist Intelligence Unit and The Economist the same company?
The EIU is part of the
Economist Group, which also publishes The Economist newspaper. Like The Economist, the EIU prides itself on a wholly international and impartial view of the world, on aiding the global flow of information, on the clear use of English, the language of international business, and on a blend of acuity and accuracy.



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