Cargo-partner specializes in the global shipping of air cargo and sea cargo. Geographically it is based in Central and Eastern Europe, but it operates world wide.

Initially a regional provider, a combination of time defined air and sea cargo products, continuous tracking and tracing via the internet, as well as straightforward transparent calculations, have enabled it to develop into an international transportation source, acting on a world wide basis.
E-business is the living reality which it strives to improve and refine every day. 

It defines service by its claim "passion for excellence". To achieve this high goal is what it strives for every day.

Its offices around the world:

 Austria - Headquarter
  Vienna, Linz
 Czech Republic
  Prague, Brno
 Slovak Republic
  Bratislava, Kosice
  full coverage
  Ljubljana, Kranj, Koper

 Serbia & Montenegro
  Novi Sad
  New York (independent venture)

Head Office + SEA CARGO

The global ocean freight forwarder for world wide sea cargo import and export. Its staff speak German, English, French, Czech, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese and Turkish.

cargo partner AG
P.O.Box 1, Airportstrasse
A-2401 Fischamend, Austria

Tel: +43/2232-798-0
Fax: +43/2232-798-378

Vienna Airport - AIR CARGO

The overseas forwarder for world wide air cargo import and export. Founded in 1983, cargo-partner now ranks among the TOP 3 at the Vienna Airport with a market share of approximately 14%. Service languages include German, English, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, French, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.

cargo partner AG
Building 263/4
P.O.Box 42
A-1300 Vienna Airport, Austria

Tel: +43/1/7007-35129
Fax: +43/1/7007-33432



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