Business Process Training Center Europe BV


Business Process Training Center Europe (BTC) provides workshops and coaching sessions for companies, enterprises, organisations. Participates in company-projects together with government and institutes who want to execute the Supply Chain in a more efficient manner. The Supply-Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) is basic for all the learning activities. The benefits for companies who want to improve their position on the market are astonishing. Companies are able to lower their costs by 5, 10 percent or more of the total, thanks to the use of the SCOR model.

As there is a lack of support capabilities and experience in practice for implementing the SCOR model in Europe and because there is a growing demand from the market in using the SCOR model BTC is one of only a few who is able to fill the gab.


BTC is training people of companies and is able to coach companies from the beginning down to the implementation of the SCOR model to extended levels. The training sessions are in the English, German or Dutch language.

The activities of the BTC contains much more than only explaining, teaching and train how the model can be used. Special developed programs for inhouse training sessions based on a company-case is an option. Coaching during implementing of the SCOR model – by BTC and the support of a well-known consultant company – based on what participants have learned during case training sessions is also another option. For additional information www.scortraining.com

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