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APL Logistics designs and operates global supply chains that deliver products to everywhere you need them. APL Logistics provides the resources necessary to support your supply chain. Services include shipment consolidation and deconsolidation, global freight forwarding and customs management, regional warehousing and distribution networks and IT solutions that increase supply chain performance and reduce costs.


Its services include:

Supply Chain Management

Global design and management expertise increases flexibility and continuously improves supply chain performance for bottom-line returns.

Consolidation and Vendor Services

Consolidating merchandise, information, and documents close to your sourcing locations takes the headache out of international forwarding, documentation and compliance.

Warehousing and Distribution

Customized warehousing and distribution solutions improve inventory management, reduce operating costs and speed order cycle times.

Global Freight Management

As a leading provider of comprehensive transportation and forwarding services, APL Logistics leverages its regional and international purchasing power to negotiate the best rates from top-rated carriers.

Manufacturing Support

Specialized facilities, operations management and technologies assure quality-controlled parts and components and let manufacturers reap the benefits of just-in-time inventory management.

Asset Management

Facilities design, sales leaseback, real estate brokerage services and inventory financing reduce capital and increase flexibility.

IT Solutions

Innovative applications of proven supply chain technologies create competitive advantage for your business.


Its IT solutions include:

APL Logistics See Change Services

Proactive data integration and exception-based management tools for global supply chains.

Shipment Visibility

Powerful tools that let you monitor and manage shipments, on the move and in the warehouse.

Product Data

Product data connectivity throughout the supply chain — from any vendor or location.

Warehouse Management

Competitive advantage in warehouse efficiency, cycle time and order fulfillment.


Specialized technologies to minimize rate freight costs and ensure on-time delivery.


Web: http://www.apllogistics.com


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