European Commission Reports


 The European e-business readiness index 2004.pdf 
 Internet use in Europe - security and trust.pdf 
 The European eBusiness Report 2004.pdf 
Benchmarking national and regional e-business policies.pdf
 Consultation on trust barries for B2B e-marketplaces.pdf
 consumer confidence in eServices.pdf
 Directive on electronic commerce.pdf
 e-business readiness composite indicator.pdf (573 KB)
 E-commerce and the internet in European businesses.pdf
 eEurope 2005 Action Plan.pdf (75 KB)
 Enhancing trust and confidence in B2B e-Markets.pdf (162 KB)
 European e-business showcases.pdf (1931 KB)
 Internet usage by individuals and enterprises.pdf (214 KB) 
 Report on B2B Internet trading platforms.pdf (108 KB)
 Statistics on the information society in Europe.pdf (1906 KB)
 The impact of the e-Economy on European Enterprises.pdf (235 KB)

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