Cluster on Applications and Technologies

  1. Identification and categorisation of current business models and applications
  2. Future directions/visions
  3. Development of a Glossary

Consortium participants: Brunel University (Cluster leader), ILiM, BIFA, SHIPSERV

Cluster on Good Practices

  1. Define relevant sources and stakeholders
  2. Information gathering on different levels: (National, European, International, Industry, etc.)
  3. Presentation and analysis of trends and innovative approaches
  4. Define outreach tools and procedures

Consortium participants:

ERTICO (Cluster leader), ECG (European Car-Transport Group of Interest), Shipserv, EFIP (European Federation of Inland Ports), and Thomas Miller Ltd

Cluster on EU-US Cooperation


  1. Identification of relevant organisations in the US/EU
  2. Desk research
  3. Relevant known cases
  4. Identification of relevant developments and contacts
  5. Develop performance measurement tool
  6. Dissemination (with focus on the US)

Consortium participants:

BCI (Cluster leader), Allagraf, BTC Training Centre

Links are made to a large number of national and European projects (on-going or finished). Furthermore, links will be established to research programmes in the Member States to monitor similar activities and create an exchange of valuable information.

Please download the presentation from the first members meeting in Brussels, January 29th, 2003.

member_kickoff.ppt (5598 KB)

The first Cluster Report is now available for download

Cluster Report 1.doc (1289 KB)

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