e-Thematic Reports

Clustering Reports:

The 1st Clustering Report includes a description of how the electronic commerce has redefined traditional logistics and a definition of e-Fulfilment including an examination of the complexities and opportunities it entails. You can download the 1st Clustering Report here: Cluster Report 1.doc (1542 KB)

The 2nd Clustering Report includes an in-depth analysis of B2B and B2C websites included in the e-Thematic database. You can download the 2nd Clustering Report here: Cluster Report 2.doc (1240 KB)

State-of-the-Art Report on e-Fulfilment:

In this State-of-the-Art Report a further development of the 1st Clustering Report is given with the aim to provide a State-of-the-Art information of the e-Fulfilment market in the year 2003. You can download the State-of-the-Art Report here: State-of-the-Art Report.pdf (757 KB)

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