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To set up the technical secretariat in Brussels, to provide technical and administrative support for the Steering Committee, clustering meetings and working groups. The result of this work package will be enhanced information exchange between national and European research programmes and the establishment of a forum for cross-fertilisation and co-operation between the different players. In the event that additional expertise and support would be needed, a number of man-days have been reserved in order to be able to acquire this.


Description of work

Task 2.1 Creation of the Steering Committee

The members of the Steering Committee will be nominated in co-operation with the Member States and the European Commission. The Steering Committee will consist of representatives of European industry and Member States, industry organisations, and selected co-ordinators of related RTD projects.


Task 2.2. Assistance to the Steering Committee

The members will receive all relevant material for discussion before each Steering Committee meeting. Three Steering Committee meetings and two seminars will be organised during the lifetime of the project. The e-Thematic website will be used to disseminate information to the participants. Furthermore, e-Thematic will be presented at relevant European or international seminars and conferences.

BCI is in charge of this workpackage. Ertico will be responsible for the organisation of the seminars.


Milestones and expected result

The work and the related reports from WP3-6 will be presented and discussed in the Steering Committee. The outcome of the meetings will be reflected in the reports of other WPs.



Unlike the project management, which scope is the internal project processes, this Wrok Package is directed to manage the external processes. Concretely, this work package aims at supporting the work of the Steering Committee, the Clusters and the Working Groups. It is directed at the organisation of meetings and all elements related to the smooth and efficient implementation of the project’s goal.

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