Project Management

Workpackage number: 1


Start date: T0





Thomas Miller


Person months per participant:







To perform the project management, including auditing and risk assessment capacity, and to create an interface with the European Commission and the Members and Experts. To provide auditing and evaluation capacity.


The web produced tool used in e-Thematic supports all project members and -workers with document handling, meeting minutes, to-do lists, notifications, project diary, daily info postings, list of public and/or private events with electronically sign-up, forms for achievement and handling of data, man-hour management, templates for cost statements and cost reimbursements.


Based on a completely open, XML-based platform, e-Thematic software offers a flexible, scalable, standards-based platform for creating, managing and deploying the business-critical web content needed to maintain the EU project and gives a competitive advantage when working with project dissemination. e-Thematic software will be user friendly, requiring only a web browser.


This Work Package addresses the internal consortium process management. Managing the external processes )Steering Committee, Clustering, etc.) is addressed in WP2.


Description of work

Task 1.1: Co-operation with the Commission

BCI is responsible for managing the concertation activities, project dissemination, financial aspects, etc. This task includes all administrative and managerial aspects of the project.


Task 1.2: Audit/evaluation and risk assessment

Thomas Miller will be responsible for auditing and evaluating all the activities, which are taking place in the framework of e-Thematic. They will also provide their risk assessment expertise.


Task 1.3: Deliverables production

BCI is in charge of the production of deliverables and will be assisted by the relevant partners. One yearly cost statement will be produced and presented together with the Progress Report.


Milestones and expected result

WP 1 will be used to monitor and support activities in WP2-6

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