Exploitation and dissemination


The objectives of the dissemination work are to promote and disseminate the results of e-Thematic Europe-wide and to establish a permanent concertation process. It reflects the whole purpose of the Thematic Network i.e. to establish a broad network and to disseminate results to stakeholders.


Description of work


The dissemination and exploitation of e-Thematic results address various decision-making and industry levels. The results are made accessible to the European industries and national/local authorities. e-Thematic consortium members participate in the dissemination phase through presentations at seminars, in information leaflets, etc. and by submitting information to the website. Close contacts are established with other relevant dissemination projects of the Commission.


Dissemination of information


The extensive dissemination activities run throughout the project’s lifecycle and include:

      Website activities to facilitate the access to RTD results;

      Two e-Thematic seminars where results are presented and discussed;

      Presentation of papers to relevant national and international conferences to promote the exploitation of the e-Thematic findings;

      Internet services for researchers and the industry to disseminate information on RTD, related products and technologies.


Website structuring and development


The e-Thematic Web platform securing co-ordination between the national and the European project work in order to create synergy and avoid overlap. It delivers a comprehensive database of all the accessible information the project needs to post to project members, researchers and the industry.


e-Thematic provides Internet software for organisational and technical support for the collection of information relevant to the project issues and disseminates this to all relevant parties. Access to advanced search tools for both the project website and external search for relevant information resources on the Internet. ERTICO lead this work and BCI give support and participate in seminars, conferences, etc. Webhouse is responsible for the development of the website.

Supplementary dissemination tools

·          e-Thematic posters, for conferences and seminars

·       Information brochure and printable leaflets

·       Web based Flash presentation for use at conferences and seminars


Information on the web based knowledge platform is disseminated worldwide through the dissemination department of ERTICO. BCI will also use their extensive network of industry contacts to inform about the platform and its advantages. The ERTICO ITS newsletter is used to send information about new features etc. to be found on the website.


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