Defining future needs


The objectives of WP5 are to integrate the results of WP3 (RTD inventory) and WP4 (Clustering activities) as a basis for the development of a view on future policy and research requirements in the area of e-fulfilment. WP5 will also identify problems and bottlenecks in relation to e-Commerce and logistics. Recommendations will be made to the industry as the main priority sector. Furthermore, priorities for improving the productivity of the logistic chain will be identified.


Evaluation of RTD requirements

The conclusions drawn from WP3 and WP4 and the exchanges of views of the Steering Committee and the expert Group will be used for evaluating the future research requirements and for proposing future research strategies.


New European research trends

The activity will encompass a number of aspects, including:

§          Identification of constrains, regional differences, preconditions and opportunities for increased use of e-Commerce;

§          Evaluation of the possibility for more targeted RTD;

§          Comparison of best practises and the research effort in Europe and the USA;

§          Development of an RTD guide on the e-Thematic Home Page to be used by operators, industry, researchers and policy makers.


e-Thematic look at direct and indirect inputs from various international policy makers and researchers. Links are drawn to other international related research activities. BCI is in charge of this workpackage and will be supported by Brunel University.

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