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To create clusters covering all relevant research topics related to e-fulfilment. Expert Working Groups will be created to support clustering activities.



Description of work

Task 4.1: Identification of clustering activities

The e-Thematic consortium has selected three clusters and further ones might be added after consultation with the Steering Committee. A member of the e-Thematic consortium will manage each cluster. BCI will be in charge of the EU-USA co-operation cluster, ERTICO will lead the good practices cluster and, finally, Brunel University will be responsible for the Technologies and applications cluster.

The Clustering meetings will be organised in Brussels and working papers and minutes from the meetings will be presented to all interested parties through the e-Thematic website. Project Co-ordinators and industry representatives will participate in small working groups where predefined topics will be discussed. The results will be presented and discussed in the e-Thematic seminars. Guidelines for the clustering activities will be presented in advance.


Task 4.2: Expert Working Groups

For each cluster, an Expert Working Group will be created. Their brief is to provide the clustering meetings with input (papers, etc.). The members of the Working Groups will be Members of the consortium, Members of the Steering Group, project managers or other European experts.


Task 4.3: RTD project database

The database can be accessed through the website. The scope is to provide a tool for browsing and searching for specific best practise and RTD activities and can be used by national policymakers, industries, end users, academics and researchers, EU institutions, international organisations and other parties. Co-ordinators of relevant RTD projects are requested to supply information to the database. One of the incentives for the stakeholders, consultants and research institutes to participate in this action by submitting information will be that they can use the internet based tool to disseminate own activities and create links to own websites etc. ERTICO will lead this task.

BCI is the workpackage leader.


Milestones and expected result

M3: Clustering reports

Interrelation with other workpackages:

Information from the database will be used in WP5

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