Project Management

The project management team consist of the partners BCI and ERTICO. Furthermore, Thomas Miller Ltd is responsible for auditing/evaluation and risk management, and will report on these issues. They have developed a score board which allows the consortium to weigh progress of the project against the targeted objectives. This score board is also be made available for internal use of the European Commission.


A Technical and Administrative Secretariat has been established by BCI in their Brussels office. The office work in close co-operation with the Commission and the Member States. The working structure is as follows: 

  •         BCI is technically responsible and co-ordinate the data collection and analysis. They are responsible for the creation of the database. They also act as rapporteur and will provide the administrative service towards the Commission and the Steering Committee. Consortium meetings will be organised every 6 months;
  •         Web House assist in the creation of the Internet based dissemination tool and the construction of the database;
  •         BCI co-ordinate the clustering activities.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprise delegates of the European Commission, the Member States, Industry, and international organisations. BCI present a progress report during each Steering Committee meeting.

Clustering activities

Representatives of independent European organisations, technology providers, system users, terminal and transport operators, and project co-ordinators from relevant ongoing RTD projects participate in the clustering meetings.

The Members of the consortium are all leading experts in the field of RTD and logistics, and they perform the quality assurance and assist in defining the methodologies proposed to the Steering Committee. Furthermore, e-Thematic seek input from a wide spectrum of end-users.

Visits to the Member States are organised in co-operation with the corresponding representatives in the Steering Committee. The aim of these visits is to develop close links to Member States’ and industries’ working groups or roundtables and to help disseminate the e-Thematic work at the national level. Each visit last approximately two days and includes collection of relevant data and RTD results and in some cases also participation in workshops with the involvement of users, operators and authorities in the Member States.


To facilitate the work, Working Groups for each cluster has been be created. These prepare papers and give input. They comprise Members of the Steering Committee and the Consortium. On some items input from European experts may be acquired.


Exploitation and dissemination of results


The services developed by e-Thematic are essentially a dynamic and interactive information service. The website construction take a new direction in ways of using the Internet for dissemination purposes. The outputs will also be in the form of brochures, seminars/workshops but all material will be presented on the website. To assist in this publicity the consortium will co-operate with the industry, Member State representatives and European researchers. ERTICO is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of results. e-Thematic will provide a forum for dissemination and concertation activities involving all relevant parties. The network involve all interested EU Member States and when relevant accession countries. The systematic dissemination and promotion of activities is fundamental to ensure that results reach all interested parties. The website serve as a point of reference for information, the production of brochures, newsletters, as well as promotion of European and international events. The newsletters will primarily be issued in electronic format and distributed via e-mail. All newsletters will be available on the Website and, when possible, distributed in printed form at public events. Contribution to the content of the newsletter is provided by the consortium and through the work of the Steering Committee and the different clusters. 


e-Thematic provide a simple method of identifying existing R&D by the use of the e-Thematic database. It will be possible to have a more complete RTD knowledge, which in turn will enable the exploration of user friendly and synergetic solutions. The very existence of the e-Thematic network enable logistics companies and their clients to access the database in order to identify the latest RTD available. e-Thematic also provide a platform where users and providers can network.

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