Key action objectives

The e-Thematic project contributes to the objectives of  Key Action I action line 1.5.1. and responds to the call for proposals published in the Official Journal of 16/11/2001, part 2(b) (proposals for support activities) action line  IST-2002-VIII.1.1. in the following areas:

  • Creation of synergism between RTD-projects on a European, national and business level;
  • Dissemination of results of and information on national, European and international RTD activities;
  • Promotion of e-commerce services in transport and logistics;
  • Stimulating the emergence of innovative and eco-efficient supply chain encompassing freight consolidation and transport reduction;
  • Collection and analysis of information on national, European and international strategies for RTD on e-logistic services;
  • Development of a new approach for logistics management;
  • Operational improvements through a better knowledge of European good practices;
  • Improvement of the interaction and networking of key market actors;
  • Contribution to the improvement of the modal split in favour of more environmental friendly modes of transport by improving the quality of services and reduction of transport needs;
  • Contribution to the establishment of seamless intermodal flows;
  • Development of strategies for the implementation of new concepts for a more efficient use of the transport chain.


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