• Cluster on Applications and Technologies


Identification and categorisation of current business models and applications, Future directions/visions, Development of a Glossary

Consortium participants:
Brunel University (Cluster leader), ILiM, BIFA, SHIPSERV


  • Cluster on Good Practices

Approach: Define relevant sources and stakeholders, Information gathering on different levels: (National, European, International, Industry, etc.), Presentation and analysis of trends and innovative approaches, Define outreach tools and procedures

Consortium participants:

ERTICO (Cluster leader), ECG (European Car-Transport Group of Interest), Shipserv, EFIP (European Federation of Inland Ports), Thomas Miller Ltd


  • Cluster on EU-US Cooperation


Identification of relevant organisations in the US/EU, Desk research, Relevant known cases, Identification of relevant developments and contacts, Develop performance measurement tool, Dissemination (focus on the US)

Consortium participants:

BCI (Cluster leader), Allagraf, BTC Training Centre


Links are made to a large number of national and European projects (on-going or finished). Furthermore, links will be established to research programmes in the Member States to monitor similar activities and create an exchange of valuable information.

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