The main objectives of the e-Thematic network are to:

  • Cluster existing European research projects in the field of e-logistics and e-fulfilment;
  • Identify emerging applications and technologies;
  • Identify "good practice" examples from the industry and the research sector;
  • Formulate a common approach for the future European research on e-fulfilment.
  • By addressing these issues, e-Thematic aims to overcome the segmentation and compartmentalisation of the European market in these areas, which is still heavily based on national and even regional developments. Furthermore, e-Thematic will stimulate the development and implementation of user-focused applications throughout the life of the project, with a view to furthering e-business in the area of logistics and enhancing the competitiveness of European industry.

    While applications for most operational activities of logistics are already well developed, e-fulfilment applications are not. The currently available e-fulfilment packages generally lack integration with other existing software suites, and there is often regional variability in their use. User focused innovations will provide timely and adequate information in order to facilitate the management of inventories and deliveries, consequently lowering overall costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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