e-Thematic addresses the area e-fulfilment which involves all activities required to physically satisfy demand for products ordered via the internet and includes the following logistics activities:

  • Customer service;
  • Order processing;
  • Finished goods inventory management;
  • Outbound transportation and sales forecasting.

In short, e-fulfilment relates to all the demand linked logistics activities and, as such, is an important component of supply chain management. While applications for all the operational activities of logistics are already well developed, the e-fulfilment applications are not. The gap between user expectations and market offer is of all the logistics activities the highest for e-fulfilment. Especially, outbound transport scores very low. A new range of innovative and user centred applications have to be developed.

e-fulfilment facilitates the integration of innovative applications and e-services with private and public information infrastructures, thus providing enterprises a sound basis to achieve higher levels of integration, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The reason for this integration is that the movement of materials and end products is not any longer executed by single divisional functions, but increasingly, through a single and seamless cross-company process. The goal is to provide timely and adequate information with a view to facilitating management of inventories and deliveries and, thus, lowering overall costs and increasing customers’ satisfaction.

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