Expected Results


Information collected by project members will provide a comprehensive overview of the e-fulfilment market, including users’ requirements, impediments and gaps. An extensive Infobase is accessible for researchers and industry alike.

These inputs will allow the Steering Committee to formulate a common EU approach for future RTD in the e-fulfilment sector.

The following issues will help structure the work of the Steering Committee:

  • Why is the technological awareness of the logistics sector in the US higher than in Europe?
  • What are the impeding factors in Europe for the development and implementation of new technologies and of innovative e-Logistic services and what is the role of public and private RTD?
  • What are the differences of logistics practices between the various regions of the EU and how do they influence e-fulfilment?
  • What are the new and promising areas of technological development which are needed to support and accelerate the implementation of e-fulfilment services?
  • What is the current facilitating role of the public sector (European, national and regional administrations) in the development of new services?
  • What is the role of the private sector (banking, venture capital, etc.) in the development of new services?
  • How can internal company applications (MRPII and ERP) be linked to public data infrastructures in order to provide companies a better control over their external flows (transport)?
  • What are the positive factors and methods used in Europe which can be used to stimulate the adaptation of new technologies and the development of new services?

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