About e-Thematic

e-Thematic is a Thematic Network aiming to identify R&D-opportunities in the area of e-Fulfilment through clustering of existing projects and market scans with a view of disseminating the results to the EU Commission, the MS and the industry. The project addresses "the integrated electronic management of all the processes and information arising from the need for goods through to the satisfaction of that need by delivery". This includes all back office activities to fulfill a customer order after receipt via the Internet front office. The project was launched in July 2002 and will run till June 2005.

In the framework of e-Thematic, the following definition of e-Fulfilment is used:

"e-Fulfilment defines that part of e-Business which aims at efficiently and effectively integrating a company’s back-office processes, activities and functions arising from order capture through to final delivery to the customer."

The following figure illustrates the back-office processes that take place after the "Buy" button has been clicked.

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